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☑️ Step-by-step SOP documents to pass off to your team

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Want to learn the real-world strategies to get results like the picture above?


Dive into the world of cutting-edge strategies, latest trends, and current tactics, where I give away the exact secrets that allow my team to scale Amazon businesses in any category from numbers like $10k /month to insane numbers like $600k every month.


Here's a shocking statistic...


💻 15,000 people


👆 This is the number of people who sell over $1,000,000 per year, according to a statement from Amazon.

If you have an Amazon business but aren't a part of this statistic, you could be just one slight edge away from joining them!

Here's another mind blowing fact: I've found that most 7-figure Amazon sellers I talk to are making less than 5% profit margin or actually losing money but don't even realize it 🤯

It's not your fault though, Amazon fees get higher and higher, and competition gets harder every year. 

That's why you need to know exactly what strategies to implement that will make you more PROFIT and put more money in your pocket without wasting time or making costly mistakes figuring it out yourself.

🔑 The Seller's Edge is your opportunity to unlock all of the advanced strategies you wish you knew to implement in your Amazon business.

How most sellers do it:

❌ Try to figure everything out their self 

❌ Randomly implement outdated strategies they find on YouTube

❌ Hope and pray what you're doing works

❌ Only using 60% of the features that Amazon's algorithm loves

❌ Waste time that could be spent on more important tasks

How you should do it:

✅ Implement proven strategies that are shown to make more money

✅ Focus on one high level money making task per month

✅ Track and verify the changes are statistically making you more money and profit

✅ Create SOP documents to pass to your team so you don't have to do the same task again next time

✅ Repeat everything above for the next needle-moving task in your business every month to build compounding momentum

Let's be real...

Selling products on Amazon is a hard game where the big sellers truly have the upper hand.

BUT it is a solved equation and anyone can transform their Amazon business from a bottomless money sucking pit, to a cash producing machine that literally spits out more profits than you've ever imagined.


Why do I believe this...?


Because my team and I manage over $100 Million revenue and $9 Million of ad spend per year through Amazon FBA for my own personal brands and client's brands at my agency.


This gives me millions and millions of data points that you don't have. And data is king!


I see what works and what doesn't across every niche. We A/B test the heck out of every single detail of an Amazon account to find the absolute best performing strategies and tactics that make more money.


Take a look at some of the recent results we achieved for new clients that hired my agency to grow their accounts 👇

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So What's Included in these Secret Strategies of The Top 1% Sellers?

Below are some of the advanced strategies that are usually only shared among the highest circles of Amazon sellers that I will be showing you step-by-step how to implement in your business.

Skyrocket your Reviews with SMS Marketing to your Amazon Customers

Get my swipe files for my top converting insert card templates and automated SMS flows to collect your Amazon customer's data. Increase your AOV, increase your review rate, launch any new product you want and instantly get reviews. All within TOS! 

The Ninja PPC Campaign Structure to get 10% ACOS for your Main Keywords

You don't have to lose money on PPC. I share a PPC campaign you can implement in 5 minutes for any product that will get you an ACOS as low as 10-15% for main keywords, even during peak holidays!

How to get FREE Traffic from Google and Bing, that Converts!

A dead simple SEO trick (that none of your competitors are doing) to rank your listing in the top results on Google and Bing to bring highly converting and FREE traffic to your listing that will increase your sales and organic rank on Amazon.

Using Automation to Scale your PPC Campaigns and find Profitable Pockets of Traffic

Ever though about scaling your Amazon ads like a Facebook pro? I've tested hundreds of FB scaling methods on Amazon to find the strategies that work. I'll show you how to automate this to scale any listing and increase your organic rank and profitability of your PPC campaigns with secret pockets of traffic.

How to Double your Cashflow Cycle with a Super Simple Supply Chain Hack

Manage your supply chain like the biggest Chinese sellers in the world do.

This one simple shift in your logistics will allow you to launch new products with 50% less cost, reduce your risk on new products, keep you in stock 99.9% of the time, and double your cashflow.

How to Remove Negative Reviews from any Listing

Do you have annoying negative reviews that are old and inaccurate now? Or someone accidentally left a 1-star even though they loved your product?

I'll show you a 100% TOS compliant way to get any negative review removed and I share the exact method with copy/paste files and on over-the-shoulder video as I do it so that you can hand it off to anyone on your team to implement every day.

How to Sell Out of Any Lightning Deal and Get the Best Time Slots

Amazon loves when your Lightning Deals have massive traffic and sell out. But how do you make sure that happens every time?

I'll show you a guaranteed tactic to use off-platform deal websites to sell out every time so Amazon gives you better placement and more marketing every time you run a deal.

The best part is it's all within TOS and takes 10 minutes to implement.

And So Many More PROVEN Strategies Every Single Month!

Everything I learn from masterminds and networking within the highest circles of Amazon sellers, BUT tested and proven to work first on my own personal brands and client brands within my agency.

Then I create an SOP document and videos that show you the exact step-by-step instructions how to implement it in your business and why it works.

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But what exactly is The Seller's Edge?

To put it simply - it is an email delivered direct to your inbox with one PROVEN STRATEGY to implement in your Amazon business every month that will give you the edge over your competition to outrank and outsell them, all while increasing your revenue and profits.


If you focus and implement this one thing every single month, I guarantee you will have the edge you need over your competition to see massive increases in conversion rates, revenue, and profits.


These are real strategies that me and my team are using every month to scale client accounts with insane results.


And the best part...


I don't just tell you what it is, I give you the exact SOP that my internal team uses so you can pass it off to anyone on your team to implement and make it a standard process in your business.

These strategies are perfect for both beginners and advanced sellers

What you get when you subscribe:

✅ An actionable strategy every month to implement in your business for higher ranking, more revenue, and more profits.

✅ SOP document with exact step-by-step instructions to implement or pass off to someone on your team.

✅ Video SOP looking over my shoulder with detailed walkthrough as I implement the strategy on a real account.

✅ Copy and Paste files of my templates for each strategy.

✅ Money back guarantee if they don't work for you!

Even the tiniest win from these strategies will more than cover the cost and lead to life-changing compounding gains for your business 🚀

Here's Who You'll Be Learning From

Michael Jordan profile picture
Michael Jordan

Industry Leading Amazon Expert

Michael has been selling professionally on Amazon for over 6 years. He owns a 7-figure brand in the Pet niche, and has experience selling products in almost every category across Amazon.

He and his team at 4Media Marketing sell over $300 Million per year on Amazon, and are responsible for growing some of the largest brands on the platform.

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  • Proven strategies only known by elite Amazon sellers
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  • Proven strategies only known by elite Amazon sellers
  • Step-by-step SOP to pass off to your team or implement yourself
  • Video SOP showing a real-world follow along of me implementing
  • Copy & paste template files
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if it doesn't work
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